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Circle of the Moon

    Circle of the Moon is the mother coven of the American Tradition of the Goddess, which means this is the coven where it all started. The matriarch of the tradition is our High Priestess, Raven. As all groups are within this tradition, we are multi-pantheoned:  meaning we study and work with numerous cultures and a variety of deities.  We see Wicca as a religion and as a way to worship the old deities. While we focus on many pantheons and many aspects, Raven works most closely with the crones, particularly Hecate. Everyone is allowed a freedom in which deities they choose to work with, but sooner or later, we all meet the Lady of the Crossroads! We celebrate the eight sabbats as well as new moons, full moons, and blood moons. The blood moons being particularly unique to our tradition. They are a working of women's mysteries celebrated by our female initiates. Everyone within our coven gets the opportunity to write and work in ritual, even students! Our belief is in allowing people to physically work with the energies and the deities in order to understand them. We are a coven who sees each other as a family of choice. When we think of clan or kin, we think of each other.

    Our coven is currently retired and we are no longer accepting students.

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Last Updated: July 31, 2009