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Circle of the Sacred Fae is a newly formed Wicca coven of the American Tradition of the Goddess, located in Arlington, TX. As with many Amtrad covens the teachings are of Earth magic, working with all forms of life seen or unseen we believe in healing and caring of our great Mother Earth and finding balance within ourselves and nature. We honor the Triple Goddess and the Triple God in all of there aspects and celebrate life through the Wheel of the Year.


Because we are committed to this, classes through out the three degrees focus on the development and advancement of each individual to their full potential. We view Wicca as a religion, therefore we study many ancient myths, cultures, observe all eight sabbats, the Full Moon and New Moons. We honor the old deities, the fae and Earth spirits by drawing on many pantheons including Roman, Greek, Celtic, African, Hindu and many more.


Our High Priestess Dream Venturini, a 3rd Degree Initiate in the American Tradition of the Goddess and daughter to Amtrads mother coven, Circle of the Moon, began her path as a solitaire in 1992 before becoming part of American Tradition of the Goddess. Circling and growing with this group for 5 years, she began to find her focus in healing, meditation, working with the Fae and Earth Spirits. On All Hallows Day in 2009 she received her 3rd degree and is beginning the journey of forming her own coven. She is also a member of the Texas Local Council of The Covenant of the Goddess (also known as COG). She is a mother, a grandmother, and a business women who believes that the world, The Goddess and our great Earth continues to amaze and teach her as she walks along her path.


First year classes are scheduled to start during the spring, and will normally be held every other Saturday. Dream will begin to meet with prospective students from Midsummer to Samhain, as only a small number of students will be accepted. Because the members of the coven work so closely together we become a family. So, it is important to ensure a good balance of personalities and energy. Everyone within our coven, including the student, gets the opportunity to compose and participate in ritual. The study classes last approximately one year, after which a student may request initiation if he or she desires.


There is no obligation on the part of student or coven to initiate after classes are finished. Students are able to attend the coven's full moons and sabbats after attending the Ethics and Etiquette class. Once a student becomes an initiate he or she is able to attend new moons as well. Female initiates also observe the female mysteries at new moon, which are referred to as Blood Moons, and males initiates may observe the male mysteries at full moons which are referred to as Stag Moons. Some of the topics that you can expect to learn about within your first year with Circle of the Sacred Fae:


  • Ethics and Etiquette
  • History of the Craft
  • Wicca
  • Wheel of the Year - Yule to Beltane
  • Wheel of the Year - Midsummer to Samhain
  • Goddess in all her aspects
  • God in all his aspects
  • Faeries
  • Divination in many forms
  • Sacred Space
  • Elements
  • Moon Phases
  • Magical Tools
  • Meditation
  • Ritual Writing
  • Guides - The Fae, animals, spirits
  • Herb
  • Stones/Crystal Healing
  • Magical Trees


Advanced classes are available to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree initiates.


For more information on Coven please feel free to visit our website at www.circleofthesacredfae.info or contact Dream@circleofthesacredfae.info