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Circle of the Serpent


Who are the Serpents?

Circle of the Serpent is a Wiccan coven established in 1999.  We are a part of the American Tradition of the Goddess, also known as AmTrad, which began in Bedford, Texas, in the mid 1980’s.  We teach earth magic and live our craft in thought, word, and deed. We honor the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) and the Triple God (Hunter, Father, Sage). We follow the cycles of nature and celebrate them throughout the wheel of the year.  We explore the myths and stories of many cultures throughout the world as well as assist our members in their individual spiritual growth.  Our coven is a connection with the deities and the other members of the circle, a ministerial training ground and a place of growing for the souls who join us. 

The High Priestess is Gaelen Ananat.  She circled out of the mother coven, Circle of the Moon, in 1999.

A little bit about the High Priestess:  

Gaelen Ananat has been walking the Wiccan path since the early 1990's. She has had her own active, teaching circle, Circle of the Serpent, in Amtrad, since 1999.  It is Circle of the Serpent.  Gaelen is a member of the national organization, Covenant of the Goddess and has held member credentials with this 501c3 organization since 1999.  She has been an active member since 1996 and has held national and local offices during most of that time.  Currently, she is the membership officer of CoG's Texas Local Council.  She has presented publicly on numerous Pagan and Wiccan topics and has presented Wiccan Sabbats and moon rites at events such as UEA aka United Earth Assembly, Covenant of the Goddess' Merry Meet, Betwixt & Between Community Center, Council of Magickal Arts, Goddess Rising, Sacred Journey Fellowship, Amy Martin/Earth Rhythm Celebration solstices, and CoG's Texas Local Council Classes and Sabbats.  She co-facilitated her own weekend event, Goddess Rising, for 9 years, along with a crew of wonderful volunteers.  Gaelen performs handfastings, Wiccanings, and memorial services.  She also has a bachelor's degree in psychology and spent some time as an aftercare counselor.  She enjoys attending interfaith events and participating in Pagan activities. 

The covenstead is located in Haltom City, TX. Along with the celebration of the sabbats and the new and the full moons, female initiates explore the female mysteries, which are better known to us as Blood Moons, while our male initiates explore the male mysteries or Stag Moons.  The serpents are also active with different local events each year, as a service to the community.  Although we are active in the local pagan community, initiates of the coven can easily maintain the level of privacy needed in their lives. 


If you choose to be a part of a coven, be sure to ask a lot of questions first.  Be sure to visit the “Seekers’ Bill of Rights”.  To be part of a coven is to be part of not just a spiritual, but a very real family.  You are also in a priest/ess training ground where one learns to teach and become a minister of this faith as well as a consciousness raising and intellectually stimulating and challenging group, just to name a few things that a coven is to its initiates.  

Gaelen is currently open to a few students at this time, who seek entry into this teaching coven. 

Classes will start in January, 2010.  Classes are typically held on Sundays and run about every two weeks. Students are able to attend the coven's full moons and sabbats after attending the Ethics and Etiquette class. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website! 

Feel free to direct any questions or inquiries you may have to gaelen@circleoftheserpent.org.



Last Updated: July 31, 2009