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Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove is a newly formed coven located in McKinney, TX. We are a Wiccan great granddaughter coven of Circle of the Moon whose continued lineage is through Aspen Leaf Circle and Circle of the Wild Wood. My name is Ebony, High Priestess of Cypress Grove. I am a third degree Initiate of American Tradition of the Goddess. I received my third degree in May of 2004, but remained in my coven (Wild Wood) swearing I never wanted my own group.

Any of you who walk the Goddess's path knows that your own plans may very well be pre-empted by Her's. I felt the gentle nudging that progressed to a slightly louder tapping. By the time it became the constant voice in my ear I could no longer ignore Her bidding for my forming a coven. I am a blood sworn Priestess to Medusa, however as with the Tradition, Cypress Grove is an eclectic coven meaning we will work with and honor Deities of all cultures.

My first desire for the coven is to provide a safe place for worship and spiritual growth and development. We will celebrate both full and new moons (new moons are reserved for AmTrad initiates only) as well as all Eight Sabbats. We will explore the female mysteries through Blood Moons. Since I believe in the balance between the Lady and the Lord; the male mysteries will also be explored. My second desire is to support the Tradition with ritual, classes or whatever form support takes. For my Students and Initiates I want to assist you in reaching your goals and desires whatever they may be and in whatever form you choose.

I take the Wiccan Rede seriously as I do my religion and attempt to live both daily. I am not interested in the "weekend witches", anyone not serious about study and growth, or anyone who is seeking the Hollywood bastardized depiction of my religion. My preference is that by the time you find me you will have a sense of who you are and have left the desire to play life small behind.

About me, I am originally from Southern California, moved to Texas twelve years ago. I believe I was born a witch but just didn't know it until later in life. Until I found Wicca I thank the dear Lady that growing up Catholic provided my training shoes for my deep love of ritual. I began to read and study on my own and Wicca felt like home. I was not necessarily seeking a coven but knew I had come as far as I could on my own and asked to have a teacher assist me on my way. If Wicca felt like home AmTrad felt like the cozy living room with the large hearth fire burning. I work hard and play hard, am a marathon runner and have had a good part of my career in Human Resources. I want to share what I know and enjoy with a group of people who wish to do the same.

If I have not scared you off and you are still reading and actually are interested in perhaps studying please contact me at cypressgrove22@yahoo.com. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will be followed by an interview. It is as equally important for you to feel I am a fit for you as it is for me to feel that you are a fit for me. Classes will not begin until late summer, early fall of 2005.


Last Updated: July 31, 2009