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The Glade of the Guardian

Bright Blessings and Welcome!

The Glade of the Guardian is a coven of the American Tradition of the Goddess (aka AmTrad). We are located in Bedford, Texas.

Merry Meet!

I am Gryphon, High Priestess of the Glade of the Guardian, a 3rd degree initiate of AmTrad. I have been a Wiccan solitaire since the late 1980's and came to AmTrad in 1999. I received my 3rd degree as a High Priestess in 2002 and formally circled out of my mother coven, Circle of the Moon, in 2003. I am also a solitaire member of the Texas Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG). I am a sworn priestess to Hecate and revere Her before all others, but I do work with other forms of Deity on a regular basis as well, particularly Airmid, Anubis, Brigit and Ganesha.

Wicca is popularly classed as a "Nature Religion" and I view it quite literally in that light. The purpose of this group is service to the Lady, our Mother Earth, and reverence for all forms of life upon Her whose paths cross ours in this time and place. We strive to protect and heal the Earth around us and to nurture and honor our non-human kindred, both seen and unseen. We seek to awaken the rhythms of the Earth within ourselves and become aware of the Great Cycle we are a part of every day as we feel the seasons change and listen to the music of Nature.

We worship the Lady, the Triple Goddess, and show reverence for the Triple God, Her son and consort, in all Their forms. Students will look at many different pantheons, as all have valuable lessons to teach. Chants, drumming and music are excellent ways to open up our hearts to Deity and will be explored as a keystone of this group. We will also strive to protect the natural world on a local level through projects associated with conservation. We will honor the Lady and Lord through ritual, myth and lore, through physical interaction with the Earth and Her creatures, through laughter, story and song.

Be forewarned! This is not a "get-witch-quick" program! I believe that spiritual growth is fostered by physical effort, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. Nor is this a path to follow if you only want to take it out and put it on once a month. This is not a social club! It is a way of life, and as such, it is a part of your life every day, even among friends and family. The goal is not to merely walk the path, but ultimately to become the path. Your progress and growth are therefore dependent not only on the innate abilities you bring to the circle but also the efforts and determination you demonstrate as a part of it. This requires a serious investment of time and energy. "Glamour witches" need not apply.

Students of the Glade of the Guardian must pass first through a "Rainbow Year" of basic classes. Students will also celebrate Full Moons and Sabbats as a group. There will be additional activities from time to time as determined by the High Priestess, including community projects and camping trips. In the latter part of the year, students will begin to create their own rituals, both on their own and as a part of the group. Upon completion of all Rainbow Year classes the student may request an initiation, if they so desire. If warranted by their growth, and if it is felt that the student is a good magickal match with the current coven members, this initiation may be granted at the discretion of the High Priestess.

Initiates will attend classes, Full Moons, Sabbats, coven activities and New Moons as well. Female initiates will explore the Blood Mysteries through celebration of the Blood Moons. Male initiates will likewise explore the Male Mysteries. 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree initiates will pursue more advanced study.

If this family of earth-magick and song is what you seek, I look forward to hearing from you. Interviews for potential students begin at Samhain, with classes beginning at Imbolc the following year. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, so only a few students will be accepted for each Rainbow year. You may contact me at: gladeoftheguardian@yahoo.com

Merry Part and Merry Meet Again,



Last Updated: July 31, 2009